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How much do you charge an hour? 

I don't have an hourly rate. I charge a flat rate per piece depending on the
size and detail of the design.

Is my deposit refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable.

Do you tattoo anyone under the age of 18?

The minimum age is 16 with parental consent and the parent must show up to the
appointment to validate their signature and ID. 

Will I need a touch up? And if so, when and how much would it be? 

Touch ups are not uncommon but not every one will need one depending on how

their tattoo(s) heal. It's best to touch up your tattoo after your skin has become

fully normal again. (ie. not peeling or itching) Touch ups are $20.

Do I get to see a drawing before my appointment?

Yes, I send them out the week before the appointment.

Can I make changes to the drawing? 

Yes, you can make 2 edits, any additional edits after will be $50 each and 

must be paid prior to the tattoo session.

Can I send you what I want and you tattoo exactly that?

No, I will use that image as a reference and draw my own version.

Can I make changes to flash designs?
Depending on what the change is, If it is minor and doesn't alter the idea then

absolute yes. 

Do you repeat your flash designs?

No, once a design is sold I do not tattoo it on another client. Although you can 

book for a custom piece that references the idea of the flash. 

Is there anything I should do before my tattoo session? 

Eat and get excited! Shave the tattoo area if needed.

Am I able to use numbing cream

Yes, please make sure you apply at least 45 minutes before you come in.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, preferably it's only you at your appointment due to space but you can

bring one support person if needed.

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