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Please read carefully and review my policies prior to booking.


A $100 deposit is required to secure your appointment date and time.

Tattoos $500 and over will require a 25% deposit.

Once we've determined an appointment date, an email will be sent to you requesting the deposit via credit card through Square. This deposit will go towards the final cost of your tattoo.


The price of your tattoo will be charged per piece depending on size and detail. This will be determined before we confirm your appointment time and will be mentioned again in your confirmation request email. 

Payment for remaining cost of your tattoo can be paid by either cash or e-transfer.

Credit card payments are acceptable with an additional 3.5% charge. 

The deposit must be sent within 72 hours upon your receipt of the confirmation request email. You will be notified if your appointment has been released due to a deposit delay. 


After deposit is received,  a design will be emailed to you the week before your appointment. If needed, we can edit up to 2 times before you get tattooed. Changes must be submitted within the same week the drawing is sent. Be specific and objective with the changes, every additional edit afterwards is $50.


If you change your design idea after the first sketch has been sent, (you want to tattoo something else that isn't mentioned on your booking form) a fee of $100 will be charged for a new drawing. Fees for edits or redrawing will be charged via credit card.

Please make sure that the size and detail of the new tattoo idea is equivalent to the original because the price will not be adjusted.

If you change your design before a sketch is done, please make sure that the size and detail of the new tattoo idea is equivalent to the original because the price will not be adjusted or a portion of your deposit will be forfeited. If you wish to increase size or you'd like to add on to original idea, a new quote will be provided. Depending on your time slot, we may have to reschedule or book a second appt to accommodate the time for your updated idea. 


All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you cancel with less than 48 hour notice, a cancellation fee of 25% from your original quoted price will be charged. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, at/during the appointment or if you do not show up, the full amount of the original quoted price of your tattoo will be charged minus the deposit.

If you need to reschedule, please do so 72 hours before your appointment. Only then will your deposit be forwarded to your new appointment date. You can reschedule your appointment once. To reschedule a second time, a $100 fee is required per session rescheduled. Typically, bookings are 5-6 months out so to avoid a long waiting period, we advise to keep the original appointment.

After your tattoo session is finished, no refund of any kind will be issued.

If you need a touch up after your tattoo is fully healed, they will be $20.

If you are 15 minutes or later for your session, you will be charged an additional $50.

If you are 30 minutes or later for your session, it may be cancelled and you'll have to deposit again to reschedule your appointment.

By sending your deposit, you are confirming that you have read, understand and agree to the policies above.

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