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Super Special Annoucement

I've created a very special tattoo aftercare and it's finally here! I'm so excited to tell you all about it, it's almost been a year in the making!

Inspired by my clients, I've become so driven to redefine tattoo skincare. It was the best feeling to know that the result of this inspiration created a natural, innovative formulation that is simple and effective. Using clean, natural sourced ingredients, Ink Frost ensures a safe space for your skin and tattoos to thrive.

Ink Frost promotes botanicals, not chemicals! Being up close and personal with clients everyday, I realized a need in the market for an approachable tattoo skincare, one that is all natural and embraces healthy, holistic healing. A long time ago I switched to vegan inks because one of my clients had an allergic reaction when the tattoo was healing. This made me think about casting out artificial, processed ingredients for aftercare as well.

Ink Frost is formulated with love for the health and longevity of your tattoos. Made with all natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable packaging, it's the best thing for your freshly inked skin, all the while healing with earth in mind.

So proud to be launching this product! It's toxin, cruelty & drama free, just like me! LoL

Please come and visit Ink Frost Skincare. There's lots more info on ingredients and other frequently asked questions on tattoo aftercare.

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